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Price Free-to-play
Genre Action MMO
Status Released
Website http://sworm.io

Sworm.io is massively multiplayer worm-like (or snake-like) game. It is distinguished from other worms-like games by several features. First, it has modern fascinating graphics. Second, you can go into spectate mode and watch other players. And the cherry on top — you can have not just a single worm, but a lot, a horde, any amount of worms!


Price Free-to-play
Genre Action MMO
Status Released
Website http://oceanar.io

Oceanar.io is massively multiplayer game where players compete for dominance within an underwater ecosystem. Players eat various micro-organisms and shells to score points. As you eat, your begin to accumulate ocean dwellers and can eat other players with your swarm of creatures. But watch out, if another player eats your Queen fish, you die!


Price Free-to-play
Genre MMO Voxel Editor
Status Released
Website http://voxar.io

Voxar.io is first in the world unbounded MMO voxel editor which requires nothing to play but modern web browser and internet connection! Voxar.io world is built collectively by people like you.


Genre IO Games Directory
Website http://iogames.fun

IO games directory powered by S3Games. Games are organized by name, genre or popularity. Useful game information like App Store, Play Market, Reddit links, game features, etc, are provided as well. Also Iogames.fun has chat which has separate chat room for each game from Iogames.fun directory.

To be announced

Price Free-to-play
Status Work in progress

We are currently developing IO-style MMORPG. Stay in touch to be the first who will play it!

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